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Sally Ride Day at the Museum of Flight Seattle:…

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Sally Ride’s historic STS-7 mission to become the first American woman in space! On June 17, the Museum celebrated Sally’s legacy. by hosting a day filled with conversations with extraordinary women in science and all-ages STEM activities.

Linda Dawson, former NASA engineer and Space Shuttle flight controller kicked off the presentations that include other engineers from NASA and Blue Origin as well as retired astronaut-teacher Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger.

Sally’s Night | The Museum of Flight


The Monocle – Foreign Affairs Radio Podcasts

For over ten years, Monocle magazine has offered a global perspective on everything that matters, including current affairs, business, politics, travel, culture or design, Monocle magazine provides an informed and intelligent outlook on the goings on of the world. Monocle’s online presence includes a bureau of foreign affairs that includes current topics as well as a historical perspective on significant worldwide events.

Hosted by Andrew Mueller, an award-winning journalist, the latest podcast addresses the launch of Sputnik. The show is presented as a radio broadcast that could have occurred in 1957, when the Russian satellite Sputnik was launched.

The October 29th episode is entitled: Historical Series: The Sputnik Crisis

In part one of our historical series, we travel back in time to 1957 to unpack the Sputnik crisis. What did this new satellite foreshadow, and how did the Soviet Union do it? Andrew Mueller speaks to Henry Rees-Sheridan, Tom Nichols, Mark Galeotti and Linda Dawson.

Linda has taken on the role of a scientist commenting on the Sputnik launch.

Listen to this fascinating broadcast:

Historical series: The Sputnik crisis, The Foreign Desk 461 – Radio | Monocle